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Roundtable : (Digital) Cultural Heritage at risk. Lessons learned for future preservation strategies
The Russian invasion of Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022 shattered long held beliefs
and certainties including the idea that all things digital exist in an ephemeral sphere
outside of the grim realities of the physical world. Instead, the war emphasized the
fragility of servers,data and critical infrastructure to physical threats and their exposure to
online attacks. At the same time and thanks to social networks and digital communication tools, new forms of ad-hoc support emerged that gave rise to the agency of individuals in supporting and safeguarding Ukrainian (digital) Cultural Heritage. This round table aims to reflect upon the challenges imposed on these efforts from multiple perspectives – be it from the technical point of view on providing backups and fallback infrastructures up to the impact of data protection regulations and coordination strategies for volunteers. In a discussion between internationally renowned experts we want to take stock in the lessons learned and to understand how to make (digital) cultural heritage more resilient.

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