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Cyborg, IA et société "cyborgisée" : l’avènement d’une société-ruche

If the cyborg remains a human - repaired, augmented or diminished -, the emergence of metaphorical or real figures such as the latter as well as hybrids, robots, drones and AIs, is perhaps the expression of an anthropological major shift.

Indeed, beyond the question of the enhanced humanity, transhumanism and the possibility of posthumanism, it seems topical to ask whether it is not society itself that is in the process of becoming 'cyborgised' on a global scale. In such a case, rather than listing the anthropotechnical technologies (of human modification) that have appeared since the invention of computers, it seems appropriate to anticipate and attempt to understand the ethical, political, economic and social issues emblematic of these technologies.

Hence the concept of the 'hive-society', used to describe this possible major break in history marked by the advent of an organisation that is above all administered by - and sometimes for - digital machines.

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