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On the significance of Luxembourg National Day

Luxembourg has celebrated its sovereign’s birthday since the 18th century. When Grand Duchess Charlotte (23 January 1896–9 July 1985) ascended the throne in 1919, the date for these birthday celebrations became 23 January, and this date was declared a national holiday in 1947. But on 23 December 1961, a Grand Ducal Decree set the date of 23 June as Luxembourg’s National Day, when the country would officially celebrate the monarch’s birthday. National Day has continued to be celebrated on 23 June during the successive reigns of Grand Duke Jean (1964-2000), born on 5 January, and Grand Duke Henri (since 2000), born on 16 April. National Day is one of the symbols of the monarchy, together with the coat of arms and the anthem of the Grand Ducal House.

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