Contemporary history of Luxembourg Was in Erinnerung bleibt, lebt

This article of Denis Scuto presents the "Digital Memorial to the Shoah in Luxembourg", a joint project of the Fondation Luxembourgeoise pour la Mémoire de la Shoah and the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH) of the University of Luxembourg: This memorial is intended as a participatory Work in progress with the aim of jointly writing, over the next few years, the biographies of the families of some 5,000 people who lived in Luxembourg in 1940, who were considered Jews before and during the Second World War because of the Nazi racial laws passed in 1935 and who were persecuted by Nazi Germany and its collaborators. Almost 40 historians from Luxembourg and abroad are already involved in this important project. On the 81st anniversary of the first "Polentransport", the deportation of 513 Jews from Luxembourg and the Trier region to the Litzmannstadt ghetto in occupied Poland, on October 16 1941, five short biographies of deported families are here published.

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