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Making Europe - Looking at the history of Europe in the long twentieth century through the lens of technology

Science and technology are at the very heart of the European project. But how to write a history of Europe in the making when using technology as an actor category and lens of analysis? This is the driving narrative behind Making Europe: Technology and Transformations (1850-2000) – a sixvolume series on the history of Europe in the «long twentieth century»1. All volumes in the series are co-authored by two or three authors and are the result of an intense debate and discussion amongst all people involved in this collective endeavor. As the series editors Johan Schot and Phil Scranton emphasize in the introduction to the series, Making Europe aims at providing
a novel perspective on European history by decentering the European Union and its many predecessors and by placing the complex, desynchronized and multilayered process of Europeanization in a long-term historical perspective.

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