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Légionnaires : Parcours de Guerre et de Migrations entre le Luxembourg et la France

Who were the Luxembourgish legionnaires? What were they doing in France? Why did they decide to enrol? How have they been portrayed and remembered?
Incorporating the most recent scholarship on the topic and covering a timeline spanning from the early-19th century to the interwar period, with a particular focus on WW1, the book explores the intersecting histories of the French Foreign Legion and of the Luxembourgish emigrations in France.
With an emphasis on personal stories, twenty specialist articles explore the role of the Luxembourgish legionnaires in the national and transnational history, their social and cultural milieu, the migratory patterns that lead to their engagement, the war experience and its aftermath, and the ambiguities of their representation and self-representation in the press, official statements, and popular culture.

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