Contemporary history of Europe

The Internet and the EU Market from a historical perspective

Co-organization of the conference: This conference, organised by the Robert Schuman Initiative for European Affairs with the support of the C²DH, aims to examine the relationship between the Internet, EU regulation and market integration from a historical perspective.
The speakers will analyse how the development of the Internet has facilitated market integration while also creating major regulatory challenges at the EU level, e.g. peering between ISPs, the taxation of electronic commerce, data protection issues, etc. We are also honoured to welcome Dr Viviane Reding, who will speak about her action as European Commissioner for Information Society and Media (2004-2010). Speakers:

Elena Danescu (C²DH, University of Luxembourg),
Stefan Gadringer (University of Salzburg),
Christian Henrich-Franke (University of Siegen),
and Dr Viviane Reding, Member of the Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg (since 2018) and Member of the European Commission (1999-2014) – the first European Commissioner with responsibility for the Information Society and Media.
Moderation by Frédéric Allemand, Andreas Fickers, David Howarth and Valérie Schafer (University of Luxembourg).

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