Contemporary history of Luxembourg

This Hard Minett Land. Texte über das "Bassin minier", inspiriert von Bruce Springsteens Songs

Introduction to a historical and literary project, where C2DH historian Denis Scuto invites writers, historians, sociologists, anthropologists, etc. to be inspired by Bruce Springsteen's songs to write texts about the industrial iron ore basin in the South of Luxembourg and French Lorraine called “Minett”, about yesterday, today or tomorrow, in French, German, Luxembourgish or English. Stories, poems, biographies telling stories, fictional, 'inspired by real facts' or real, stories of those in the Luxembourg and Lorraine mining basin “struggling to do everything right” (Brilliant Disguise). Texts will be published every Friday in 2022 by newspaper Tageblatt and assembled afterwards in a book published by capybarabooks.

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