Viktoria was a research associate working on the 'Remixing industrial pasts in the digital age' project

Viktoria Boretska will hold a PhD in history of education from the University of Vienna (Austria), with her thesis entitled Johnny’s teaching machine in Ivan’s classroom: Travelling technologies and cultural conceptions of education during the Cold War. In her PhD, she explores global popularization of educational technology during the 1960s, the rise and demise of "the first empirically determined" teaching method called programmed instruction, the algorithmization of learning and the implications of the man-machine metaphor during the cybernetic 1960s and onwards.

Within the Remixing industrial pasts in the digital age project, Viktoria explored the transformation of the Luxembourgish South during the decline of the steel industry during the late 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. She was looking at the visual heritage of this time as the site of collective memory formation and analyse the memories of the industrial past living on through generations - and their imaginings of the future.