Ekaterina Kamlovskaya

Ekaterina Kamlovskaya

Former PhD student

Domaines de recherche
Digital History & Hermeneutics Doctoral Training Unit
Ekaterina was a PhD student

Ekaterina (Katya) was a PhD student at the Universtity of Luxembourg (C2DH, Digital History and Hermeneutics Doctoral Training Unit). 

Main supervisor: Prof. Christoph Schommer (Faculté des Sciences, de la Technologie et de la Communication).

Co-supervisors: Dr Peter Gilles, Prof. Martin Theobald

Research topic (preliminary title): "Approaching Australian Aboriginal autobiographies with text mining methods". 

Ekaterina holds a degree in translation and linguistics from Kamchatka State University, Russia (completed in 2009). Before coming to Luxembourg, she had been working as a freelance translator and a small translation business owner, and also as a programme coordinator at National ICT Australia (the Digital Careers project - https://www.digitalcareers.edu.au). Her main research interests are text and data mining, machine learning, computational literary studies and computational linguistics.