Demival Vasques

Demival Vasques

Research scientist

Domaines de recherche
Digital history & historiography
Demival is a research scientist

Demival Vasques Filho holds a degree in Engineering Physics from the Federal University of Sao Carlos (UFSCar), Brazil. After graduating, he worked in the private sector but returned to academia after several years. He obtained his PhD in Physics, specializing in the area of complex systems and network theory, from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. His thesis explored the structure and evolution of large-scale social networks.

Before joining the C²DH, he was a research associate at the DH Lab of the Leibniz Institute of European History in Mainz, Germany. His research contributes to various projects involving networks, such as collaborative networks for scientific and technological innovation, religious tolerance, power and political activity, and imperial administrative correspondence, among others.

His research interests focus on developing new methods and expanding the application of complex systems concepts in the study of social sciences and humanities.