Antonio was a PhD Candidate working for the "Digital History and Hermeneutics" project.

Antonio Fiscarelli was a doctoral researcher at the University of Luxembourg. He holds a master's degree in Computer Engineering from The Polytechnic University of Milan (2016, Italy). He did his master's thesis at Iridia (Université Libre de Bruxelles) under the supervision of professor Thomas Stützle, focussing on Machine Learning techniques for the automatic configuration of Metaheuristics, applied to the Inventory Routing Problem proposed by the French company Air Liquide for the ROADEF/EURO Challenge 2016. During that period he also worked as a R programmer for Figures to Facts, a consulting company located in Ninove (Belgium), focussing on data manipulation. He was involved in the project "Digital History and Hermeneutics" working on Machine Learning and Optimization techniques for data mining and clustering, using both classical algorithms or new decentralized versions based on ant colonies, cellular automata, etc.