Achim Saupe

Postdoctoral researcher

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Public History
Achim is a postdoctoral researcher

Achim Saupe is a research fellow from the Leibniz Centre for Contemporary History in Potsdam (Germany) and the academic coordinator of the Leibniz research alliance “Value of the Past”. In my research, He tries to build bridges between academia and the public even though he mainly focuses on theoretical questions, such as the attribution of historical authenticity to places. He has published widely on this topic, for example, the “Handbuch Historische Authentizität”. Recently, he was part of the HERA project “encounterpoints”. One outcome is the audiowalk "Echt authentisch?" on the reconstruction of the city centre in Potsdam post 1989. In his PhD, he analysed the metaphor of historians as detectives and the representation of history in crime novels.