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Workshop: Wikimedia tools for Public History

27 Février 2018

Workshop: Wikimedia tools for Public History
This workshop with Nathalie Casemajor aims to introduce the Wikimedia platform as a tool for public history and knowledge dissemination.

Depending on the interests and level of comfort of participants with Wikimedia tools, Nathalie Casemajor will address a selection of the following topics: editing Wikipedia (encyclopedia), uploading images to Wikimedia Commons (multimedia database) and working with metadata, basics of Wikisource (books and archival documents), basics of Wikidata (structured database), starting a Wikimedia project and applying for funding (Wikimedia Foundation grants), integrating Wikimedia tools in teaching and student assignments. Please bring your laptop and fill in the form to register before 10 February 2018.


10.00-12.00 at C²DH

Group of minimum five and maximum twenty participants.

Mandatory registration