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Workshop 'Confronting Decline: Challenges of Deindustrialisation in Western Societies Since the 1970s'

30 Novembre 2023 à 1 Décembre 2023

Differdange Cité de fer, Fred Bisenius

© Fred Bisenius

Second workshop in the framework of the CONDE research project.

The second CONDE workshop takes place on 30 November and 1 December 2023 at the Black Box, Maison des Sciences humaines, University of Luxembourg, Belval Campus.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Tessy Delledera: tessy.delledera@uni.lu



Thursday, 30 November

Panel 1 (Chair: Frank Trentmann)
  Deindustrialization and consumer society. Producers, trade and consumer culture
Christian Marx (Commentator: Christian Kleinschmidt)
  Deindustrialization and Adult Education: Politics, Learning Opportunities and Participation
Jonas Fey (Commentator: Andreas Martin)
Coffee break
Panel 2 (Chair: Matthew Worley)
  Dispositives of Deindustrialization in Pop History: Image Production in the Face of Structural Change
Paroma Ghose (Commentator: Andreas Fickers)
  A history of structural change in Luxembourg
Zoé Konsbruck (Commentator: Nadir Kinossia)
19.00 Dinner

Friday, 1 December

Panel 3 (Chair: Christoph Brüll)
  Deindustrialisation and gender. Industrial work, family structures and gender identities
Helena Schwinghammer (Commentator: Lutz Raphael)
  The Transformation of ARBED 1973-2001. A European business and labour history
Nicolas Arendt (Commentator: Laura Rischbieter)
Coffee break
Reading session (Chair: Martina Steber)
  High, Steven, and Lachlan MacKinnon. 2020. “Deindustrialization.” In The Routledge Handbook to the Political Economy and Governance of the Americas, edited by Olaf Kaltmeier, Anne Tittor, Daniel Hawkins, and Eleonora Rohland, p. 57-67. London: Routledge (Commentator: Jörg Arnold)
  Tomlinson, Jim, De-industrialization: strengths and weaknesses as a key concept for understanding post-war British history, in: Urban History 47 (2) (2020), p. 199-219 (Commentator: Jackie Clarke)
Closing remarks
13.00 Lunch


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