An Embedded Digital Humanities Framework for Historical Research

25 Octobre 2023

An Embedded Digital Humanities Framework for Historical Research
Hands on History lecture by Cindarella Petz (Leibniz-Institut für Europäische Geschichte, Mainz)

In this talk, Cindarella Petz will evaluate chances and challenges when combining computational methods in historical research and address the limitations and implications of its epistemological and ontological changes. She will exemplify this on two case studies based on her doctoral research: the analysis of court records assessing the extent of political judiciary during the Dollfuß-/Schuschnigg-Regime, and the structural analysis of the influence relations of a Linked Open Data network of intellectuals. 

She will propose to take the framework of modeling seriously for digital historical research in order to successfully tackle the research design, the structuring of data, and the evaluation of analysis. Furthermore, she stresses the importance of a multimodal literacy, as well as digital and computational competences as key for a successfull implementation of an embedded digital humanities framework.


Wednesday, 25 october 2023

14.00 - 15.00

C²DH Open Space (4th floor, Maison des Sciences humaines and online.