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Digitising Industrial Heritage

17 Juin 2021 à 18 Juin 2021

Belval blast furnace
Workshop organised by the “Remixing Industrial Pasts” team.

The legacy of industrialisation has resulted in “place[s] longing for historical self-assurance” (Achim Saupe). The current focus on industrial heritage has resulted in efforts to preserve and reconstruct this heritage in its original state. This applies not only to the memory of former workplaces, homes and recreation areas in post-industrial places, but also to the biographies of entrepreneurs, industrial workers and their families. The preservation and musealisation of former industrial landscapes raise further questions about the authenticity of such places. Public history, and with it the representation of the industrial past in museums, exhibitions and events, is situated between “original” representation and recreated staging. Furthermore, and this has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, an expanding field of virtual exhibitions, mobile apps, web-based applications and games is giving shape to a new form of digital public history.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss the many aspects of industrial memories and material culture in this new field of digital public history on the basis of selected examples: the digital presentation of industrial sites, the memory of industrial workers and other inhabitants of industrial towns and cities, the collection and presentation of digital sources, and forms of reappraisal of industrial heritage. We will discuss the contribution that digital public history can make to debates on the concept or the mediation of industrial heritage (keywords: participation, sharing authority), the digital resources, methods and forms of mediation these projects use, how are (existing or former) industrial sites brought back to life through digital reconstructions and other topics.


17-18 June 2021

Online - Webex

If you want to participate please send an email to: vanessa.napolitano@uni.lu.


Thursday, 17 June

Welcome and introduction of participants
Panel 1 “Evoking Luxembourg’s industrial history”
  Chair: Irene Portas
  Urban Timetravel Belval: Industrial Heritage meets Virtual Reality
Patricia Marx (Luxembourg)
  Historical Voices from the Minett. A Public History Video Presentation in Esch-sur-Alzette
Jens van de Maele & Julia Harnoncourt (C²DH, University of Luxembourg)
20.30 Closing of day 1

Friday, 18 June

Panel 2 “Industrial heritage from below?”
  Chair: Christoph Brüll
  Digitising citizens’ emotions, needs, ideas and regional identities at a post-industrial territory – the case of Esch-Schifflange
Lidia Gryszkiewicz (The Impact Lab, Luxembourg)
  ‘History from below’ or ‘shared authority’? Oral history and industrial heritage in the digital age
Stefan Moitra (Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum)
  Between objects, buildings and personal memories: digitising private mining collections
Stefan Siemer (Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum)
  More than recordings of history
Maxime Derian (C²DH, University of Luxembourg)
Coffee break
Panel 3 “Digitising sources from early to post-industrialisation”
  Chair: Stefan Krebs
  Digitising the Industrial Heritage of Saxony: the Role of Saxon State and University Library Dresden
Martin Munke (Saxon State and University Library, Dresden)
  (Un)archiving (post)industry: Donbas in digital and public history practices
Anastasia Kholiavka & Iryna Sklokina (Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, Lviv)
Lunch break
Panel 4 “Digital (re-)presentations of Luxembourg’s industrial past”
  Chair: Werner Tschacher
  Rëm.xx: a post-industrial town and its cultural heritage revisited
Giny Laroche (The Impact Lab, Luxembourg)
  Industrial Pasts of the Minett: Remixing the Modes of Digital Storytelling
Viktoria Boretska, Daniel Richter & Lars Schoenfelder (C²DH, University of Luxembourg)

Final Comment
Hanno Hochmuth (Leibniz-Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung, Potsdam)
15.30 End