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Six Memos for the New Millennium : A Dialogue with Andreas Fickers on Epistemic Virtues in the Digital Humanities

Taking Italo Calvino’s Six Memos for the Next Millennium as a starting point
for a conversation about the epistemic virtues in the Digital Humanities,
Andreas Fickers and Annie van den Oever discuss a rejection of the normative
tradition of honing an ideal-typical definition of what makes “good
science” in favor of an exploration in the phenomenological descriptive
tradition of epistemic norms (values) as internalized by scientists. They
reflect on the six epistemic virtues that could be instrumental in prompting
a new “style of reasoning” that combines the epistemological, political, and
ethical dimensions of Digital Humanities practices in the global knowledge
ecosystem. The Tokyo 2023 workshop on the “Integrative Potential of
Epistemic Virtues in Digital Humanities” is a source of inspiration.

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