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"Rationale Trennung" oder "Marriage d'Amour"? Zum Verhältnis von Geschichte und Philosophie in der Erziehungswissenschaft

The contribution serves as an example of enabling permeability between philosophy
and history within the frame work of educational science. It deals with the epistemological,
material, political, and categorical conditions, some of which initiate a separation
of historical science from philosophy, whereas others allow, on the one hand, for
history to profit from philosophy and, on the other, for philosophy to profit from history.
It is shown how much is to be gained by both philosophy and historical science through
openness within educational science. A greater integration of philosophical
thought into education history and vice versa may draw attention to blind spots on both
sides, to unchallenged methodological archetypes and seemingly unavoidable mental
dispositions, the reflection of which may contribute to an enrichment of educational research.

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