Histoire contemporaine européenne

Pierre Werner (1913-2002) – A life dedicated to Luxembourg and Europe

As a long-standing senior civil servant, minister and Prime Minister from the end of the Second World War until the mid-1980s, Pierre Werner gave his country, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a voice that would be heard beyond its borders. He was closely involved in integration and policy-making efforts at the national, regional and European levels. He was an excellent listener and known for his skills of understanding and reconciling apparently incompatible positions. He was committed to defending the vital interests of Luxembourg and Europe over the long term. Based essentially on Pierre Werner's private collections and other relevant Luxembourg and European archives, the exhibition aims to paint a picture of Pierre Werner from various angles – his personality, his role as a father and family man, his social ties and intellectual interests –, while also outlining his thinking and his achievements as a politician and committed European

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