Histoire numérique et l’historiographie

Computational Approaches to Digitised Historical Newspapers (Dagstuhl Seminar 22292)

Historical newspapers are mirrors of past societies, keeping track of the small and great history and reflecting the political, moral, and economic environments in which they were produced. Highly valued as primary sources by historians and humanities scholars, newspaper archives have been massively digitised in libraries, resulting in large collections of machine-readable documents and, over the past half-decade, in numerous academic research initiatives on their automatic processing. The Dagstuhl Seminar 22292 "Computational Approaches to Digitised Historical Newspaper" gathered researchers and practitioners with backgrounds in natural language processing, computer vision, digital history and digital library involved in computational approaches to historical newspapers with the objectives to share experiences, analyse successes and shortcomings, deepen our understanding of the interplay between computational aspects and digital scholarship, and discuss future challenges. This report documents the program and the outcomes of the seminar.

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