Denis Scuto has written a foreword for the catalogue of the exhibition realised by writer Claude Frisoni and photographer Raymond Reuter on the history of the antifascist Italian mining workers in the ARBED mine Montrouge overlapping the French-Luxembourgish frontier and their persecution during Nazi occupation, also presenting the testimonies of some of their children and grand-children: Norbert and Roland Rutili, sons of Vittorio Rutili, arrested by Gestapo on February 3 1944, killed in concentration camp of Schorzinger (Struthof), Raymond Peruzzi, son of Luigi Peruzzi, arrested by Gestapo on September 9 1942, deported to SS-camp Hinzert (near Trier) and forced labourer for Siemens in Berlin, Aurélie Filippetti, grand-daughter of Tommaso Filippetti, arrested by Gestapo on February 3 1944 and who died in concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen on April 12 1945, Jean-Pierre Barboni, grand-son of Domenico Bordicchia, arrested on October 23 1942 and deported to Hinzert and Ventotene.

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