Histoire contemporaine du Luxembourg

Aron-Samuel LUKMANSKI (1889-1942?), Frieda LUBINSTEIN (1888-1942?), Claire LUKMANSKI (1912-2007), Henri LUKMANSKI (1915-1940), Jeanne LUKMANSKI (1921-1942?)

The Lukmanski-Lubinstein family came from Belarus. After a pogrom, they fled to Lorraine and, after a brief detour in Catalonia, arrived in 1921 via Lorraine to Esch/Alzette in the industrial south of Luxembourg, where Aron Lukmanski and Frieda Lubinstein opened a painters' supplies store. His son Henri worked in the store and was a musician. His daughter Jeanne was a helper at a barber shop in Esch. Clara married a Frenchman in 1936 and moved to the neighboring French border town of Audun-le-Tiche. She was the only member of the family to survive the war. Henri was killed as a French soldier at the front in the Bataille de France in June 1940. Aron, Frieda and Jeanne were deported to Litzmannstadt on the first Polish transport on October 16, 1941, and were probably killed in the Chelmno concentration camp in 1942.

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