2018 annual report

2018 in review
The teaching platform Ranke.2
The C²DH digital research infrastructure
The WW1 digital exhibition
The WW1 digital exhibition
PhD thesis about Luxembourg’s Steel Industry in Brazil
PhD thesis about trading zones of digital history
Memorecord – digital memory platform on migration
The history of justice in Luxembourg project
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2018 in review
by Andreas Fickers, Director of the C²DH
message from the director

The year 2018 – the second year of the Centre’s existence – was marked by several important milestones. Not only did we sign new agreements, engage with new partners and successfully develop new research proposals; we were also very proud to be able to produce and showcase our first research results, such as the virtual exhibition on World War One. These innovative projects and products reflect the Centre’s ambition to venture off the beaten track and find new ways of doing, teaching and presenting history. Our public history events, such as the Forum Z series, have already become one of the Centre’s trademarks, fulfilling our mission of engaging audiences in contemporary history and offering opportunities for critical debate.

I would like to thank the whole C²DH team for its dynamic work and outstanding commitment to making these achievements possible in such a short time. The “thinkering” spirit is clearly in evidence every day at the Centre!

Prof. Dr Andreas Fickers, Director of the C²DH

2018 highlights

A Timeline of the Year's Biggest Highlights