Joëlla is Postdoctoral researcher working for the PHACS project

Joëlla van Donkersgoed is a post-doctoral researcher for Public History as the New Citizen Science of the Past (PHACS). Within this project, she will coordinate and lead the various public engagement projects in partnership with Nuits de la Culture for the city Esch-sur-Alzette.

She holds a PhD. degree in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies from the department of Art History at Rutgers, the State University in New Jersey, USA (2020), as well as a Bachelors and Master’s degree with a specialization in public archaeology and archaeological heritage management from Leiden University, the Netherlands (2012/2014). Her PhD. research focused on local community empowerment on the Banda Islands in Indonesia through an inclusive cultural-landscape approach of the cultural and natural heritage environment. 

In her research- and work activities, it is her aim to centralize the perspective of the local community and provide local (diverse) voices a platform to speak, participate, and be empowered.