Joëlla is Postdoctoral researcher working for the PHACS project

Joëlla van Donkersgoed is a post-doctoral researcher coordinating HistorEsch: Public History Activities in the city of Esch-sur-Alzette in partnership with Nuit de la Culture. The HistorEsch activities fall are part of the grant-project Public History as the New Citizen Science of the Past (PHACS)

She holds a PhD. degree in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies from the Art History department at Rutgers, the State University in New Jersey, USA (2020), as well as a Bachelors and Master’s degree with a specialization in public archaeology and archaeological heritage management from Leiden University, the Netherlands (2012/2014). Her PhD. research focused on local community empowerment on the Banda Islands in Indonesia through an inclusive cultural-landscape approach of the cultural and natural heritage environment. 

In her research- and work activities, it is her aim to centralize the perspective of the local community and provide local (diverse) voices a platform to speak, participate, and be empowered.