Luxemburgische Zeitgeschichte

Identification des biens et dépossession : les Verzeichnisse über das Vermögen von Juden

In the fall of 1940, the Chef der Zivilveraltung demanded that each person considered Jewish and still present in Luxembourg declare all their assets on forms designed for this purpose: the Verzeichnisse über das Vermögen von Juden (declarations of Jewish assets). These forms were used to identify individuals and their assets according to a model experimented with in Vienna and Germany since 1938, reflecting the typical efficiency of the head of a newly created department within the German administration: Josef Ackermann, director of the “division of Jewish and emigrant assets.” These documents specifically required information about the state of all such assets on the date of the invasion (May 10, 1940) and on the date of submission of the forms (December 18, 1940). The comparison of information for the two dates thus allowed for assessment of the effects of the first seven months of occupation on the situation of those considered Jewish who were still residing in Luxembourg as of December 1940.

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