Presenter: Designing a best practice digital workflow in times of war. Insights into the launching of the U-CORE project

This paper provides an insight into the ongoing interdisciplinary research aimed at designing a best practice digital workflow for the collection, research, and archiving of audio testimonies related to the Russian full-scale invasion in Ukraine. As the first and largest international documentation project of testimonies on this war, it serves as a continuous guide for similar smaller documentation initiatives. The documentation project, known as ’24.02.2022, 5am. Testimonies from the War’ originated as an ad hoc collaboration between loosely affiliated institutions in Luxembourg, Poland, Ukraine, and Great Britain in March 2022.1 It initiated with the development of a joint informed consent procedure and interview question catalogue. Nevertheless, we discovered differences in cultural translation, scholarly practice and disciplinary specialties in the implementation of our jointly composed procedure, which impact further decision making.

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